The Intelligent Systems and Data Mining ( SIMD ) research group was born in 2000 under the direction of José Antonio Gámez Martín and José Miguel Puerta Callejón.


Their main research is focused on:

  • Data mining and machine learning: knowledge discovery and its representation as Bayesian networks, decision trees and rule-based systems.
  • Systems of decision making under conditions of uncertainty: probabilistic expert systems ( Bayesian networks ), fuzzy rule-based systems, …
  • Adaptive learning systems use email, web mining …
  • Metaheuristics and evolutionary computation: genetic algorithms, ant colonies, distribution estimation algorithms, … and its application in combinatorial optimization and search problems.
  • Speech machine translation techniques from statistics.
  • Applications to real problems.
  • Mobile robotics: localization algorithms for mobile robots and image processing for object recognition.
  • Multimodal interaction: multimodal communication mechanisms for social robots.