The conference will held a series of Worshops that will be included in its program and will be placed in the same dates. The topics of such Workshops emphasizes emergent aspects, relevant issues, challenges etc.. of AI:

  • 1st Workshop in Big Data and Scalable Data Analytics (BIGDADE).
  • Workshop on Social Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction (RSIM).
  • Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Environment (SIMAB).
  • Workshop on Linked Data Usage in Spanish: Present and Future (UDEEPF).
  • 3rd Workshop on Intelligent Metaheuristics on Logistics Planning (MILP).
  • (Cancelled) Workshop on Computational Intelligence: Applications to Social Creativity and Social Recommendation in Decision-making (SC&R).




Ilustraciones de la ciudad de Albacete cedidas por Alicia Gosalbez
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