Contribution Types

Papers for Main Session, Symposiums and Workshops

Submitted technical papers must be no longer than 10 pages. Accepted papers will be assigned a 15- or 20-minutes slot for oral presentation at the conference. The submitted paper will represent original research, with solid, well-founded or demonstrable results on any of the conference topics. They could be submitted to the main session or to the thematic workshops which will be held during CAEPIA’2015.


Doctoral Consortium

Brief description of the research which will be carried out. It must be done special mention on the initial hypotheses and previous research which support the project. The main goal and its itemisation in subgoals should be briefly and precisely enumerated. This project reports must be no longer than 5 pages. Accepted projects will be assigned a 15-minutes slot for oral presentation at the conference. See Doctoral Consortium CFP for further detail.

Key Works

Recent works published in journals or forums of renowned reputation, during the period 2013-2015. The aim is to spread them among a wide audience from the AI community, giving the members of the community a chance to be exposed to works with which they are not familiarized and to foster interdisciplinarity. Papers must be submitted in a one or two-page format, with a clear reference to the previous published paper, and highlighting its impact. The papers selection will be done by presidents of the CAEPIA PC together with the presidents of the other related symposiums and workshops.

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