Symposium on Artificial Intelligence Technology Transfer (TTIA 2015)

Chair: Emilio Soria


Any Artificial Intelligence technique, method and procedure applied to real problem resolution is welcome in this symposium.


Included but not limited to:

  • Applications on natural language processing.
  • Industrial applications.
  • Internet of everything.
  • Applications based on Big Data.
  • Applications on social models.
  • Applications on Business Intelligence.
  • Applications on Life Science.
  • Diagnostics, configuration and design on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Intelligent Systems applied to teaching.
  • Ethical and philosophical aspects.
  • Integration of AI in other science fields.
  • User models.
  • Security and privacy

Submission and Registration

The papers must be submitted following the same procedure as for the main session of the conference [Link]. Registration is also centralized and can be done in the same website [Link]. Deadlines and other important dates also correspond with the conference agenda [Link].


  • Serafín Alonso Castro – Universidad de León
  • Emili Balaguer Ballester – Universidad de Bournemouth
  • Ignacio Díaz Blanco – Universidad de Oviedo
  • Manuel Domínguez González – Universidad de León
  • Pablo Escandell Montero – Universidad de Valencia
  • Juan Gómez Sanchis – Universidad de Valencia
  • Francisco Grimaldo Moreno – Universidad de Valencia
  • Huang Guangbin – Universidad de Singapur
  • Amaury Lendasse – Universidad de Iowa
  • Paulo Lisboa – Universidad de Liverpool
  • Miguel Lozano Ibañez – Universidad de Valencia
  • Rafael Magdalena Benedito – Universidad de Valencia
  • José David Martín Guerrero – Universidad de Valencia
  • Marcelino Martínez Sober – Universidad de Valencia
  • José María Martínez Martínez – Universidad de Valencia
  • Fernando Mateo Jiménez – CERN
  • Antonio Morán Álvarez – Universidad de León
  • David Moratal Pérez – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Julio Navio Marco – UNED
  • Miguel Angel Prada Medrano – Universidad de León
  • Antonio José Serrano López – Universidad de Valencia
  • Emilio Soria Olivas – Universidad de Valencia
  • Alberto Urueña López – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Alfredo Vellido Alcacena – Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
  • Gonzalo Vergara Plá – Universidad de Castllia-La Mancha
  • Joan Vila Francés – Universidad de Valencia
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