II Symposium on Information Fusion and ensembles (FINO 2015)

Chairs: Emilio Corchado, Mikel Galar and Bruno Baruque


After the successful celebration of a previous edition under the frame of the Conference of the Spanish Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA’13), the II Symposium on Information Fusion and Ensemble Learning intends to establish a meeting point for all researches with interest in this field of study included within the automated learning.

The symposium will welcome all contributions (both theoretical and applied) centered on the combination of simple automated learning algorithms to solve complex problems: this includes management of several data sources, training schemes, combination of results, etc.

We hope the FINO’15 will provide a stimulating and fruitful forum for presenting and discussing the latest works and advances on information fusion and ensemble learning.

Download CFP [Link]

Journal Publication:

The best contribution presented in the proceedings of the FINO’15 will be invited to submit an extended version of the paper to the Information Systems Journal (Impact Factor: 3.472). http://www.journals.elsevier.com/information-fusion/


Some of the topics of interest for the symposium (although is not a comprehensive list) include:

  • Ensemble Methodologies: Strategies and Techniques
  • Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Ensembles
  • Methods for ensemble training: Boosting, Bagging, Random Forest, etc.
  • Ensemble for: classification, prediction, clustering, feature selection, etc.
  • Diversity definitions and measures
  • Methods for diversity in model generation
  • Relations between ensemble diversity and performance
  • Strategies for decision fusion
  • Ensemble evaluation and comparative with other approaches
  • Ensemble software development
  • Real problem applications of ensembles
  • One-class classifiers fusion
  • Multi-class problem decomposition: One-vs-One, One-vs-All, ECOC, etc.
  • Ensembles for multi-class or multi-label problems
  • Ensembles for minimizing noise, unbalanced classes and transfer learning

Submission and Registration

The papers must be submitted following the same procedure as for the main session of the conference [Link]. Registration is also centralized and can be done in the same website [Link]. Deadlines and other important dates also correspond with the conference agenda [Link].

Program Committee (Tentative)

  • Emilio Corchado; Universidad de Salamanca, España (Chair)
  • Mikel Galar; Universidad Pública de Navarra, España (Chair)
  • Bruno Baruque; Universidad de Burgos, España (Chair)
  • Ángel Arroyo; Universidad de Burgos, España
  • Olatz Arbelaitz; Universidad del País Vasco, España
  • Edurne Barrenechea; Universidad Pública de Navarra, España
  • José Luis Calvo Rolle; Universidad de Coruña, España
  • José Luis Casteleiro Roca; Universidad de Coruña, España
  • Juan Manuel Corchado; Universidad de Salamanca, España
  • Oscar Cordón; Universidad de Granada, España
  • Leticia Curiel; Universidad de Burgos, España
  • Sergio Escalera; Universidad de Barcelona, España
  • Alberto Fernández; Universidad de Jaén, España
  • Aníbal Ramón Figueiras-Vidal; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España
  • Salvador García; Universidad de Granada, España
  • Nicolás García-Pedrajas; Universidad de Córdoba, España
  • Ana Belén Gil González; Universidad de Salamanca, España
  • Daniel Hernández-Lobato; Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España
  • Pedro Antonio Hernández Ramos; Universidad de Salamanca, España
  • Francisco Herrera; Universidad de Granada, España
  • Álvaro Herrero; Universidad de Burgos, España
  • Agapito Ismael Ledezma; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España
  • Julián Luengo; Universidad de Burgos, España
  • Gonzalo Martínez-Muñoz; Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España
  • Oriol Pujol; Universidad de Barcelona, España
  • Hector Quintián; Universidad de Salamanca, España
  • Raquel Redondo Guevara; Universidad de Burgos, España
  • Jesús Ángel Román Gallego; Universidad de Salamanca, España
  • Mª Araceli Sánchez Sánchez; Universidad de Salamanca, España
  • Luciano Sánchez; Universidad de Oviedo, España
  • Araceli Sanchís; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España
  • Javier Sedano; Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León, España
  • Hernando Silva Varela; Universidad de Salamanca, España
  • Belén Vaquerizo García; Universidad de Burgos, España
  • Vicente Vera González; Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España




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