The conference is structured into a Main Session and several associated Symposiums in which the different research areas of A.I are included. In addition, the conference will organize different thematic Workshops and Tutorials. Finally, alongside the Main Session there will be held the presentation of doctoral thesis project summaries by predoctoral researchers “Doctoral Consortium“, and of recently published outstanding papers in journals or forums of renowned reputation “Key Works”.

Associated Symposiums:

  • II Symposium on Evolutionary Algorithms and Metaheuristics (JAEM 2015)
  • II Symposium on Information Fusion and ensembles (FINO 2015)
  • V Symposium of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing (LODISCO 2015
  • VII Symposium of Theory and Applications of Data Mining (TAMIDA 2015)
  • Symposium on Artificial Intelligence Technology Transfer (TTIA 2015


During the conference a series of tutorials on actual topics in AI will be offered [Link].

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