Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA)

November, 9-12 2015




The Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA) is a biennial international
forum, open to worldwide researchers willing to discuss the last scientific and technological
progress in Artificial Intelligence. This XVIth edition, CAEPIA’15, will be held in Albacete, from 9 to 11 November 2015.
It is organized by SIMD (Intelligent Systems and Data Mining) research group, which belongs to the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM).

As in previous years, the conference aims to facilitate dissemination of new ideas
and expertiences, to strengthen the links among the different research groups involved,
to promote knowledge transfer between recent researchers and consolidated groups,
and to help spread new developments to society.

To achieve the proposed objectives, authors are requested to send original unpublished works,
which describe relevant research about topics related to Artificial Intelligence from all points
of view: formal, methodological, technical or applied.
Works can be submitted in Spanish or English in LNCS format (Springer). Papers submitted to
CAEPIA’15 will be under a double blind-review process. The authors will remove their names
from the submitted papers and must take responsibility for the originality of the work and
send it in the proper format

CAEPIA’15 will also be open to pre-doctoral works, and there will be a special call
for this type of submissions through the Doctoral Consortium. This event is especially
designed for the interaction between PhD students and senior researchers.

Besides original and pre-doctoral papers, given its success in the previous CAEPIA conference,
a special session on outstanding papers (key works) already published in journals or forums of renowned reputation
is also organised this year.

Finally, the main topics for CAEPIA’15, always related to Artificial Intelligence research, will be
structured in a set of symposiums and the so-called General Sesion, which covers those
areas not included in those symposiums (please, see the final part of this CFP):
– II Symposium on Evolutionary Algorithms and Metaheuristics (JAEM 2015)
Chairs: Enrique Alba and Bernabé Dorronsoro

– II Symposium on Information Fusion and ensembles (FINO 2015)
Chairs: Emilio Corchado, Mikel Galar and Bruno Baruque

– V Symposium of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing (LFSC 2015)
Chairs: Luis Martínez and Edurne Barrenechea

– VII Symposium of Theory and Applications of Data Mining (TAMIDA 2015)
Chairs: José Riquelme and Alicia Troncoso

– Symposium on Artificial Intelligence Technology Transfer (TTIA 2015)
Chair: Emilio Soria

– General Session: Other topics on AI research, which includes:
* Uncertainty in AI.
* Probabilistic Graphical Models.
* Natural Language Proccessing.
* Knowledge representation, reasoning and logic.
* Restricciones, búsqueda y planificación.
* Robotics and artificial vision.
* Multiagent Systems.
* Web Intelligence and information retrieval.
CAEPIA’15 Chairs (José A. Gámez and José M. Puerta)

– Papers: Submitted technical papers must be no longer than 10 pages.
Accepted papers will be assigned a 15- or 20-minutes slot for oral presentation at the conference.
The submitted paper will represent original research, with solid, well-founded or demonstrable
results on any of the conference topics. They could be submitted to the general session or
to the thematic Symposiums which will be held during CAEPIA’2015.

– Doctoral Thesis projects. Brief description of the research which will be carried out. It must be done
special mention on the initial hypotheses and previous research which support the project. The main goal
and its itemisation in subgoals should be briefly and precisely enumerated. This project reports must be
no longer than 5 pages. Accepted projects will be assigned a 15-minutes slot for oral presentation at the conference.
See Doctoral Consortium CFP for further detail.
– Already published outstanding papers (Key works): Recent works published in journals or
forums of renowned reputation, during the period 2013-2015. The aim is to spread them among
a wide audience from the AI community, giving the members of the community a chance to be
exposed to works with which they are not familiarized and to foster interdisciplinarity.
Papers must be submitted in a one or two-page format, with a clear reference to the previous
published paper, and highlighting its impact. The papers selection will be done by presidents of
the CAEPIA PC together with the presidents of the other related symposiums and workshops.


Submission calendar will be the same for all activities comprised in CAEPIA’2015, which are general session, symposiums,
thematic workshops and doctoral consortium. We want to remark that there are two possible deadlines for paper submissions,
being a requirement to reach the first deadline, if authors aim for publishing their paper in the LNCS/LNAI volume. In this
case the paper must be written in English.
* Paper submission deadline (deadline #1): May 10, 2015

* Author notification: June 25, 2015:

* Camera-ready copy and author registration (LNAI volume): July 24, 2015

* Paper submission deadline (deadline #2): July 10, 2015

* Author notification: September 21, 2015

* Early bird registration deadline: September 30, 2015

* Camera-ready copy and (at least one) author registration (AEPIA volume): October 15, 2015

* CAEPIA’15 conference dates: November 9-12, 2015

A detailed flow chart which shows the process and dates is available at

In order to submit your paper you should register in the following web page:

Papers must be formatted according to LNCS guidelines and they must be no longer than 10 pages.

Further detail about formatting and insttructions will be available at CAEPIA’2015 web page:
All accepted papers in CAEPIA will be published in the official proceedings, distributed in two volumes.
The two volumes will be as follows:

– One volume published by Springer-Verlag in its Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series (LNAI),
which will contain a selection of the best papers accepted by the Program Committee (in the general session,
related symposiums and workshops). In order to be included in this volume papers should be submitted in English.

– One volume published by the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence
that will contain all the accepted CAEPIA papers not included in the previous volume,
abstracts of keynote works and Doctoral Consortium papers.


Topics are open and any work related to AI research and its applications is welcome.
However, for guidance, the next topics for the general session and related symposiums/worshops
(per area) are included below. This can be found (together with the corresponding Program
Commitee) using the web page corresponding to the particular event:

– V Symposium of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing (LFSC 2015)
[V Simposio sobre Lógica Fuzzy y Soft Computing (LFSC 2015)]

– II Workshop on Evolutionary Algorithms and Metaheuristics (JAEM 2015)
[II Jornadas sobre Algoritmos Evolutivos y Metaheuristicas (JAEM 2015)]

– VII Symposium of Theory and Applications of Data Mining (TAMIDA 2015)
[VII Simposio Teoría y Aplicaciones de Minería de Datos (TAMIDA 2015)]

– II Workshop on Information Fusion and ensembles (FINO 2015)
[II Jornadas de Fusión de la Información y ensembles (FINO 2015)]

– Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Technology Transfer (TTIA 2015)
[Jornadas de Transferencia de Tecnología en Inteligencia Artificial (TTIA 2015) ]

– General session

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